buncha hink honks

April  19 760
Anonymous whispered: would it be okay if I drew on real pictures like you did with red and sighs?

ive got a few asks of people askin along the lines of the same thing;
obvious answer: of course you can!!
 I don’t beleive im the first person to draw on real photots, i got inspired to do my own after SEEING other people do inserts like that


edit; just make sure you use your own photos or acknowledge when its using google maps otherwise you’ll face copyright issues/ theft 
if you know the source of a photo, ask the photographer if its okay to use
otherwise its best to sue your own/ google maps 

April  19 46
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sighs and red on an adventure
something for fun/ relaxing
used google maps!
places from somewhere around here

April  18 5821
Anonymous whispered: i thought you were friends with andy long too

i have been! since I was 14/ 15?? Andy and I have also been friends for YEARS.

April  18 11
Anonymous whispered: is your girlfriend keii? or razz? or are they the same person? because on your about me there's another blog that's not keii's

"Keii" is one of my best friends who I call Tiki (amada, bourbonss on tumblr). Keii is her character. Tiki and I have been friends since idk… 5th grade„, MIDDLE SCHOOL?? i’m 21 now so it’s been a LONG while. 
 razzda on tumblr (blair) is my girlfriend and has been for a year and some months now 

April  18 26
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Pixel icon commission for yummytomatoes!

raeka thinkin about all the hot people in her life

April  17 186
Anonymous whispered: *makes it rain money on you* aaaaayyyyyy

thank god
i was wondering how i was gunna pay the bills this month

April  16 42

werewolf stuff
i haven’t drawn the werewolves in a not scribble style so i figured i’d use wolf mama
and two of her kids later on

April  16 1530


Bikini Bottom just got real..

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